A/B testing for pages or products

Split traffic flow to various pages evenly with one link and see which page brings the most business.

Users can change, add, or delete split URLs in the backend without ever having to change an ad’s frontend url.


Track all the business brought by influencers you work with using parameters

You can add additional parameters to your lihi short URLs and they will be recorded in the analytics

For example, if you create a short URL like this:


You can add a parameter behind it. For example:
lihi.cc/USvXZ/eva – for eva
lihi.cc/USvXZ/jolin – for jolin
lihi.cc/USvXZ/jayc – for jay

In the backend you’ll be able to see how many clicks each parameter has received. (picture)

With a single short URL for each product instead of many, your business will be able to assess how well influencers and bloggers are performing and if they’re attracting clicks.

Bloggers will also find this feature useful for recording how many clicks each article gets.


Embed Facebook Pixels or GTM in short URLs

This allows you to record traffic brought by third-party content, making it convenient for tracking and re-marketing.


Short URLs can be embedded with UTM or custom parameters for Google Analytics tracking


Custom domains help increase brand awareness and ad click-through rate

If you don’t want to use lihi.cc or lihi.io as your domain, you may purchase domains that fit your brand image or highlight your creativity.

For example:  bktsai.com/點我  <=This was created by lihi.io’s system.

In addition to the regular URL shortening features, lihi.io also allows you to append customized string to your URLs to boost click rate and awareness.


Work group assignment

Let all the employees in your company share the same account


Powerful browser plugin allows you to create short URLs anytime without logging in


Our unique invention: the data password

Traditional URLs allows anyone to examine the data behind it by adding .info to the end.

With lihi.io, you can set your own short URL “password” to make sure that only people who know it can check the URL data.


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