What are the benefits of having a custom domain name?

1. You can put whatever parameter you like at the end of your short URLs. Here’s an example of a short URL generated from a URL with a custom domain: Pawmaji.cc/2018桌曆

2. A custom domain makes your URLs unique and can increase awareness of your brand among customers and enthusiasts, which can in turn boost your click-through rate (CTR). Find out more in this article: Superlihi.co/數據分享

3. A short URL generated from a publicly shared domain is more vulnerable to illegal activities, such as identify theft, that can lead to your website being blacklisted. A custom domain is more secure and can be used longer.

Here is how to set up a custom domain:

1.If you are using a free account, please subscribe to a paid plan. (If you already have a paid plan, please skip to step 5.)

2.Add a payment method to finish subscribing.

3.On the main screen, hit the Domains tab. In the search field, search for the domain name you are interested in to see if it is available.

If the one you want is already taken, the search engine will show you similar options that are available.

4.Select the domain you want to purchase and click Next. (If you already purchased a domain elsewhere, enter it in the search field, click Add My Domain and skip to step 8.)

5.Enter your billing information and click Confirm.

6.You will be shown a Thank You page that confirms the transaction was successful.

7.Return to the Domain page, look for the domain you want to use, and hit the Enable button to enable the domain. (If you’re using a domain you purchased elsewhere, please set the A Record to our IP [ please check at Domain page ], click Add, and then enable the domain.)

8.Once enabled, the status indicator will show Enabled. Now you’re ready to create short URLs with your own custom domain name.